About Me

Hello. I’m Louis and I’m the audio engineer behind Baker Pro Media, an all inclusive service for live audio production based out of Dallas, Texas. I am a musician/engineer who has had some fun and exciting stints in the music industry and audio world ranging from lead guitar to front-of-house mixing with Grammy Award winning artists. Now, I work locally as well as across the country and internationally as an audio engineer and consultant. I’ve worked with all sorts of equipment like (name of major brands) and at a lot of different venues like Concord Church, State Fair of Texas Chevy Mainstage, Clearfork Music Festival, every major hotel in the DFW area, Reunion Arena…. I’d love to work with you on your next tour or at your next event, so hit me up.

I also write reviews on equipment and every once in a while offer a few tips about the industry of audio engineering so feel free to check it out here. If you’re needing more information tailored to a specific event or location, I’d be happy to consult with you. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to hearing from you.